19 Oct 2010

The Android Tech Show 37


T-Mobile has announced a new iteration of the MyTouch Android smartphone. The new phone features a 2nd generation 1GHz snapdragon processor, support for T-Mobile’s 4G network, Android 2.2, and is T-Mobile’s 1st phone to feature a front-facing camera. (link)

The Droid Pro, a real BlackBerry competitor? (link) (youtube)

An unnamed LG representative has told Reuters the company will not be releasing a tablet based on Android 2.2. This comes after Motorola also confirmed they are waiting for a more tablet-friendly version of Android. While unconfirmed, it is widely believed the next version of Android, code named Gingerbread, will have better support for a larger tablet interface. (link)

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab price revealed for T-Mobile. $399 with 2-year agreement and $50 mail-in rebate, $649 without. (link)

As Notion Ink nears production of their Android-based Adam tablet, they have revealed you can either run apps in full-screen, or hold the tablet in landscape and view 3 apps at one time, with the apps being in portrait mode themselves. (link)

New tablets from Augen look pretty sweet, but no word on whether they will sport the Android Market (so probably not). (link)

All future Acer netbooks will dual-boot Windows and Android. (link)

Google has released a teaser site with more info on their upcoming Google TV platform. The new devices will run Android and include a version of Google’s Chrome internet browser that supports Flash content. (link) Android developers will be allowed to sell apps for the device some time in the beginning of next year, but it does come with several apps (youtube) The Logitech Revue is available for pre-order now for $299. (link) Includes HD video calling free. (youtube)

Microsoft has sued Motorola for alleged infringement on 9 of their patents mostly related to Motorola’s use of the Android operating system. This follows Apple’s still-open suit against HTC for alleged infringements related to Android. (link)

Google has officially responded to Oracle’s patent and copyright infringement suit. Android uses a non-standard Virtual Machine, called Dalvik, to execute code written in Java. While Java has been open sourced, oddly enough the execution of the code is subject to patent and copyright licensing barriers from Oracle. (link)

Pre-pay mobile operator Cricket will begin selling the Huawei Ascend for $149 in the next 2 weeks. The Ascend features Android 2.1 and is available with a $55-per-month plan that includes unlimited texting, voice, and no data cap. (link)

Android’s assault on the low-end continues as Sprint has announced 3 new Android phones priced from $50 to $150 with a 2-year agreement. The $150 Samsung Transform appears to be a sequel to the Samsung Intercept, but with a front-facing camera. (link)

HTC’s latest phone, the G2 released on T-Mobile, packs a surprise for owners wishing to gain administrator, or “root”, access to the device. The phone will automatically reset itself to the factory default if it detects it has been rooted. Many in the press are mistakenly calling this a “root-kit” but Android community hackers have started a vocal campaign on Twitter to combat this characterization and tend to refer to the issue as an inconvenience. (link) T-Mobile has responded to the controversy by stating that part of the OS has been stored in read-only memory as a security feature. Sorry guys. (link)

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15 Jun 2010

Episode 22

Samsung looking to have the best Android devices this year and our first viewer email.

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